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Full Time Warehouse Storeperson - Noosa

Cricks Used Cars

As a member of the Parts Sales team and under direct supervision, receive and record customers’ orders for day-to-day direction from either the Dispatch Supervisor or the Warehouse Supervisor: 

1.            Assist in the receiving and putting away of delivered items, involving: 

·        the unpacking of containers, 
·        the identification, checking and labelling of parts as they are put away in their correct locations, 
·        the quarantining of defective parts. 

2.            Provide assistance to Salespersons and other staff if parts are: 

·        incorrectly binned, 
·        have a “Quantity on Hand” but there is no stock in the store location, 
·        unsafely binned. 

3.            Ensure that parts returned for credit are in their correct packaging and properly sealed.  Where parts are incorrectly packed, either take action to fix such as correcting parts numbers, labels or information on computer or locate them in the claims area.  

4.            Receive and record the receipt of Dealer Buy-ins.  Advise the Phone Salesroom of the delivery of parts that are on back-order. 

5.            From details indicated on Picking Slips, pick parts so that prompt delivery can occur and so that there is early advice concerning any nil stock items, involving: 

·        the actioning of Picking Slips, 
·        the labelling of parts for despatch, and 
·        the preparation of Invoices for picked parts. 

6.            Ensure that credits and returned items are recorded and suitably identified on return, pending decision re their disposition. 

7.            Participate in stocktakes as directed, involving: 

·        the counting of stock and the recording of count outcomes on stock sheets, and 
·        the identification of any items which may have become defective or out of shelf life whilst in storage. 

8.            Assist in warehouse maintenance tasks such as up-grading of locations, re-stacking of parts, cleaning areas, replacing shelves and restocking shelves with items from bulk storage. 

9.            Undertake other duties as directed. 


·        Adhere to all safe working procedures in accordance with instructions 
·        Take all reasonable steps to ensure that no one is injured as a result of their actions 
·        Actively monitor the workplace to determine the presence of hazards and take appropriate action to rectify any hazards found 


Specific authorities held by the position are: 

·      nil 


Mandatory Qualifications 

·      nil 

Desirable Qualifications 

·      a knowledge of the stores processes employed within a vehicle dealership or other retailing environment 
·      basic literacy and numeracy skills 

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