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Full Time Service Technician

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Repair and/or service customers’ vehicles in a way that ensures customer satisfaction and the timely, clean, safe return of vehicles to customers.  In particular: 

  • Perform repairs and maintenance work on vehicles in accordance with time schedules set by the Workshop Foreman.
  • Ensure that the Repair Order, which details the required work, is fully read and fully understood before work is commenced.  For those matters which are not clear, ask the Workshop Foreman and/or Workshop Controller for additional explanation or information.
  • Ensure all matters assigned on a repair order or servicing schedule are completed 
  • Advise the Workshop Foreman and/or Workshop Controller if:

o   any additional repairs are required on a vehicle, before proceeding with those repairs
o   delays are expected or if spare parts need to be ordered
  • Always use the Service Checklist reports for Extra Work Needed.
  • Ensure that at the completion of work on a vehicle that the Repair Order shows a full explanation of work performed as can account for the time spent on the vehicle.
  • Take care to keep the customer’s vehicle clean.  In particular:

o   always use guard covers, seat covers and floor mats
o   ensure that vehicle is vacuumed
o   ensure that engines are cleaned
  • Where a vehicle has been returned to the Workshop for repeat repairs, take particular care to ensure that the problem is fully corrected and that a further return of the vehicle will not occur.
  • Ensure that all parts to be returned under warranty are cleaned, tagged and placed in the Warranty Store area.
  • Maintain tools, equipment and working areas in a clean and safe manner.  When necessary, ask the Workshop Foreman and/or Workshop Controller where tools need replacing, or additional tools are required.
  • Ensure all Warranty Repairs are completed correctly with adherence to the applicable workshop manual process as outlined by the manufacturer. 

Workers must ensure they:
·        Take reasonable care for their own WHS and that of the environment.
·        Take reasonable care their acts or omissions at the workplace don’t affect others.
·        Co-operate with Autopact Management with respect to any action taken by Autopact to comply with any legislative requirements.
·        Do not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided at the workplace in the interests of health, safety or environment.

Performance Standards for this position are met when:
·        Budget/Service KPI’s and customer satisfaction is achieved as set by management.
·        Completion of all required learning and development material assigned for your role and personal development
·        Professional and respectful communication to all persons involved with your role
·        Following all official directions provided by supervisor/manager
·        Demonstrating and displaying our Drive Away Happy mission


Specific authorities held by the position are:
·        to perform inspections of vehicles to verify the adequacy of work performed; and
·        assist with the training of Apprentices.


Mandatory Qualifications
·        Minimum Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
·        Driver’s license

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