2016 RAV4 – Our most searched Used SUV

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2016 RAV4 – Our most searched Used SUV

The Toyota RAV4 2016 model is one of our most searched Used SUVs - what makes this specific car quite so popular? Let's find out.

The RAV4's sturdy feel, along with the quality Toyota reputation has given this car a reliability factor that is very attractive to Used Car buyers. The 2016 model specifically is just grazing the 5-year mark as of 2021, which is a common milestone for Used Cars. This is because it can still be classified as relatively new and is more likely to still be good condition with low mileage. Essentially, it's a great middle ground between the high price of a newer vehicle and the deteriorating and depreciated value of an older car. For instance, next year you're likely to see a lot more interest in the 2017 model. In saying this, the 2016 model does have great reviews which is likely drawing the attention of those currently searching through our stock. 

The 2016 RAV4 is classified as a compact SUV but you'll notice from the moment you step into the driver's seat that its spacious interior has more to offer than the name suggests. Not only does it have a boot capacity that holds up to 580 litres with the rear seats up and 1,690 with them folded flat, the high ceilings and wide base make for a very comfortable ride.

The 2016 model was released with some significant adaptations, the exterior became sleeker, losing the rear-mounted wheel and gaining an array of new tech features. The interior has a refreshed, less utilitarian style interior. These details have given it quite a modern look.

On the road it has a strong engine transmission that gets you going at the traffic lights with no trouble thanks to its 2.5L six-speed automatic engine. The RAV4 comes standard as an AWD, meaning this car is up for a road trip!

In terms of safety, it really depends on what model tier you can get your hands on with how many tech-based features are available to you. However, all received a 5 Star ANCAP rating. On the top spec model, you have access to the full safety pack which includes, 360-degree sensors, forward collision warning and active cruise control among others. The base model comes standard with Electronic Stability control, a reverse camera and full airbag protection.

Does the RAV4 sound like your next Used Car? Search our stock to find yours below. Not sure if you’re sold yet? Other compact SUVs in this year that we recommend looking into include the Mazda CX-5, the Honda CR-V and the VW Tiguan. If you’d like some assistance finding your perfect car, our team is always available to chat and help you drive away happy.

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